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De-Winterise Your Boat


We do boat transport and sell boats and have boat trailers for sale too. We own our own boat and here are some tips!

When De-winterizing your boat, make sure you do an inspection before you try and take it out. You want to be sure that all of the parts will be in working order.

1. ENGINE. If it wasn’t changed before the winter, change the engine oil. Check the out-drive oil as well to make sure everything is good there. You’ll also want to replace your oil filter while you are at it.

2. BATTERY CHECK. If you have water in your battery, be sure it stays full of water. When it’s dry, it’s no longer good. Use a battery tester to check out the amps and volts. If nothing seems to work on it, then you may need a new battery.

3, COOLING SYSTEM. Fill up. You should already know to have drained it before the winter struck to avoid freezing lines. Be sure you examine the hoses for any cracks and empty out the strainer.

4. FUEL FILTER CHANGED and check its lines were not cracked. It’s not uncommon to find these lines cracked from the winter temperatures.

5. DISTRIBUTER CLEAN. To do this, you’ll need to take its cap off. Wintertime can corrode distributors. Once you check it out, be sure the connections are completely hooked back up.

6. BELT CHECK. Any belt that seems too loose should be changed as it is worn. To check if a belt is worn out try pushing it down. It should push down just slightly, not significantly. The alternator belt on your boat can wear out faster than any others. How else can you check if there is a worn belt on your boat? Look for some black soot near the pulley.

7. ELECTRONICS AND NAVIONICS CHECK. Are they all working, is there any water ingress in displays.

8. MAST AND BOOM CHECK. Look to see there is no silting up if possible on the mast and boom and runners.

9. WINCH CHECK. Do your winches turn and run smoothly. If not then service.

10. ANCHOR CHAIN. Check to see if all is running smoothly, brush of any rust on chains and make sure there is not chaffing in warp.

12. SAFETY CHECK. Are all your alarms working, fire extinguishers in date, first aid kit box kitted out, check nav lights work.