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Preparing Your Boat For Transport

  • Empty Water Tanks and do not add to fuel that is already in tanks. Empty Holding Tank.
  • Turn off and isolate gas bottles and batteries.
  • Remove any hazardous materials and make sure bilges are clean.
  • Radar Arches, Masts, Rigging and lighting gantries should be lowered or removed.
  • Yacht masts should be placed on top of the boat wherever possible, carefully wrapped .
  • All ornaments and unsecured items inside the boat should be removed or placed on the floor or beds and covered with cushions.
  • Splash screens should be removed or protected unless they are very strong and permanently fixed.
  • Canopies removed top prevent damage, excessive windage and the canopy blowing onto another moving vehicle. Get the owner to photograph the steels and canopy so you can work out what to do the other end.
  • Ropes and fenders should be stowed safely.
  • Seat Pads and instrument covers should be stowed away.
  • These important jobs should be carried out by the owner and / or boatyard staff. We will double check but lifting of boats onto transport in yards is appointment based so these additional jobs can delay the lift and boat delivery.
  • Keys or paperwork requirements should be agreed in advance.
  • The boat will then be lifted onto the transport, carefully aligned, lashed down ready for the boat delivery to the next boatyard or marina. The other end the yard should be aware that your boat is arriving and there is normally a time that the marina has booked the lift in and that is why it is so critical to have the boat ready for the boat haulage before we arrive if possible .
  • A point of contact the other end together with mobile telephone number is essential. We liaise with both boatyards or marinas so we are aware of any limiting factors that may affect the boat delivery.
  • Handing over the keys and paperwork. Hopefully we will meet you at the destination when we deliver your boat. This is the fun part.
  • Note - If you want us to move your boat on a trailer that comes with it then the trailer must be fully serviced in advance with the appropriate paperwork to prove that is is fit for purpose.