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750KG Unbraked Boat Trailer



Total Weight- 750kg

Loading Capacity- 550kg

frame length- 5m & 5.8m Available

width- 1.85m

Length with lightboard closed in- 5.4m & 5.99m

Length with Lightboard Extended- 6.1m & 6.9m

- Lasercut tubings

- Grade 1 steel

- Top Quality polyethyleen rollers

- Winch with strap & Hook

- All unbraked trailers have jockeywheels

- 13” tyres unbrakes

- Waterproof knott axles

- Retractable ligthbar

- Lightbar easy to disconnect from trailer

- Fully welded trailers

- Full bath galvanized (hot dip) galvanization

- All lights that are not to remove during launch and retrieve are LED

- 13 pinns connector

No Paypal - only Bank Transfers or Cash on Delivery to avoid 3.4% added cost.

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